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SV Main Sign - daytime

SV Main Sign - daytime

We Are Close, Yet Remote

Springfield Village is minutes away from the ongoing growth that is taking place in the Clemmons and Lewisville area. In the past 5 years we have seen a tremendous number of restaurants to satisfy any appetite, grocery stores, coffee shops, and neat breweries and wineries come into the area for our enjoyment.


Folks are pleased that they only have to drive a few minutes to get to their favorite hot spots.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Springfield Village is a quiet community in Clemmons, North Carolina. We have 127 homes  and offer a friendly, quiet, and peaceful environment for all. Among the perks of this unique community include a large common area park with benches, picnic areas, swings, and playground equipment. Welcome home.

News and Updates

February 2022

NextDoor App

If you aren’t signed into this app and like to read good news and sometimes not so good news, log in to get the latest feeds on neighborhoods in our surrounding area. You can choose your proximity and range of neighborhoods within a certain area if you just want local within a few miles from your home.
Please keep in mind that recently we have gotten a lot of news on car break-ins and want to alert everyone of these happenings. Share any activity that can help your neighbors stay safe. We are not affiliated with NextDoor, but many neighbors participate. Check it out at

March 1, 2021

Tree and Shrub Trimming

We're getting ready for spring! You may have noticed that all the large trees around the park are being trimmed. The landscaper is mulching the removed branches and laying the mulch around the trees for more protection. We'll soon begin the new season of shrubbery and grass trimming as well. Be sure to have a look as you drive by, our common areas are looking great!

  October 31, 2021

Halloween Trick-or-Treating

Unstable weather is forecasted for our area this afternoon and evening. Today is also Halloween and we enjoy seeing our neighborhood streets lined with children in their costumes. After consulting other neighborhoods in Clemmons and the surrounding area, Springfield Village will proceed with Halloween trick-or-treating. A list of alternative options is available on our Facebook group.

Buying a home in the neighborhood?

All homeowners must join the HOA. Annual dues ($175) support the maintenance and repair of the entrance, common areas, and lighting; bookkeeping, mailings, and distribution costs; and reserves for unexpected expenses. An administrative fee of $50 is assessed at the time of the title transfer, which is paid by the buyer at the time of closing. When purchasing a home here, please be aware that we have a rental restriction. Details can be found in our documents, linked below.


Please contact us if you are buying or selling and we can answer any questions. For more information on the status of dues or questions ahead of closing, please contact the Board.


Be In Touch

Have a question for the Board? Are you purchasing a home and need information? Want to volunteer as a board member? Do you have feedback about our website? Need to register an event for the common area? Need to update your contact information?


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